Monday, July 02, 2007

Southern Pacific Railroad Diesel Locomotive #6005

From: Public Relations Department
American Locomotive Company
Schenectady 5, N. Y.

Modern Diesel Electric Built at Schenectady

This 6000 hp passenger diesel-electric locomotive is one of hundreds being built this year at the American Locomotive Company plant in Schenectady, NY. After a hundred years of building steam locomotives, Alco ended steam production a few months ago. All production is now for diesel-electrics at the plant where the nation’s first diesel-electric was built in 1924. This particular locomotive shown here was built for the Southern Pacific Railroad.


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Joseph A. Smith (1895-1978) was an avid collector of railroad photos, sharing many of them with fellow collectors in the Northeast. A former plumbing contractor, Smith presumably developed his interest in railroads through his father – a trolley motorman in Troy, NY.

His extensive collection focused on the lines that once served Troy: Delaware & Hudson, Rutland, Boston & Maine and New York Central. Many of his children – especially his sons Joseph Jr., James and Paul -- developed a similar interest and added to his collection with photos of their own. Maintaining the collection is now in the hands of his grandson, Kenneth Bradford. Coincidentally, Ken’s other grandfather worked as a manager at the Schenectady plant of the American Locomotive Company.

Smith was a life member of the Capital District Railroad Club of Schenectady. He was also a member of the Mohawk-Hudson Chapter Railway Historical Society and its parent organization, the National Railway Historical Society.